STC - 30A

Is the heavy-duty industrial quality HTP used for spraying operations in plantation crops where under a normal situation it is difficult to deliver the spray. With an average pump RPM of 1000. Features High efficiency, heavy-duty sprayer High durability and easily portable Generates high-pressure Oil-lubricated working parts
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STC - 702 (2Stroke)

We are involved in offering a wide assortment of Knapsack Power Sprayer. The products we offer are tested rigorously under the strict expertise of our professionals. Moreover, we provide assurance to deliver these products in committed time frame that too at reasonable rates. Features Eco Friendly Big Easy Starter Aluminum Pump 90CM BRASS GUN  RUIXING CARBURETOR MS PLUNGER
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STC - 12/8 2in1

A sprayer consisting of a handheld nozzle supplied from a pressurized reservoir that is carried on the back like a knapsack. Features Battery operated backpack sprayer Durable battery life Ideal for spraying fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, water etc.. Bars Bend Lance / Extendable Lance Good Quality 3.6 lpm Pump Heavy Duty High Pressure Pump
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STC - Post Hole Digger 52/72 CC

The Hole digger comes in 62 cc, air-cooled, 2 stroke petrol engine variant with different sizes of drill bits. Features 1. Sturdy, durable and reliable 2. Reduces manual labor 3. Anti-slip handle for better grip and control 4. Good performance in difficult terrains 5. Extra drill bit and accessories provided
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STC - 168 FB - 22B

HTP Sprayer petrol engine sprayer with a heavy-duty industrial quality HTP. It can be used for spraying operations in plantation crops where under a normal situation it is difficult to deliver the spray. Features 1. High efficiency, heavy-duty sprayer 2. Generates high-pressure 3. Oil-lubricated working parts in HTP 4. Reel for easy wrapping the delivery pipes 5. Quality accessories including delivery and suction hose, axial lance and hose reel
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STC - Power Weeder 9HP

STC Power Weeder air-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine tillage equipment used mainly for tilling and inter-cultivation activities. It has 3 gears – 2 forward and 1 reverse and comes with bigger tyre size for uneven roads and higher fuel tank capacity. Features 1. More powerful engine (9.4 hp) 2. Higher fuel capacity and greater efficiency 3. Versatile and multipurpose – can power pumps, generators or sprayers 4. Both the quick start and manual start function 5. Adjustable handlebar for easy operation 6. Adjustable shafts for easy gap modification
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STC -768 (2Stroke)

STC 2-stroke, petrol engine portable sprayer that can be carried to the place for spraying. Here the spray solution is not put to the sprayer but kept separately. Features 1. Higher power generation (1.6 hp) 2. Easy start function 3. Durable and ergonomic design 4. Heavy-duty spray output 5. Long-lasting brass joint, stainless steel lance and trigger 6. Filter safety to prevent clogging 7. Easy to clean 8. Accessories include suction hose, delivery hose and tool kit
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